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Gates of Olympus bonus

Introducing you to a new game appeared on the casino market online. She has already won the hearts of many fans of quality slots. Simple, colorful, interesting, with lots of bonuses. What could be better? Of course only Gates of Olympus!

Players will find themselves at the entrance to the realm of the gods. Everything is presented in a mythical style. There are divine creatures all around. Mount Olympus itself will be in front of you. The thunder god Zeus stands at the gate and invites everyone to visit his space. Get to know him better and give him a chance to win untold riches, of which he has a huge amount.

The very idea of the developers to design a slot in this style is stunning. Ancient mythology always attracts and beckons curious players. And when there is an opportunity to win not a bad amount of money. It becomes quite interesting.

Bonus system is very rich, a lot of options to play quickly and profitably. Bonuses in the game do not cease to surprise and conquer from the first minutes. Do one rotation, and it turns out that in the end, they get a lot. And they are completely free. Yes, you heard right. They’re free.

Contrary to the reels with gems and mysterious artifacts depicted on them, the players must pass serious tests, and at the end of the road, the heavenly realm awaits them. The purple sky is enticingly visible behind a huge gate. Here you can easily take everything you’ve earned. And begin to conquer the mountain anew.

There’s an epic mood and a lot of mythic drama running through the whole game. Every component displays this, all built clearly and efficiently. Every bonus in Gates of Olympus carries a meaning and falls out for a reason. The spins are simple, almost every one of them generates income. From the smallest to the largest in a single spin.

Animation is at an excellent level, everything resembles a computer game. Thanks to this everything looks very realistic, it’s as if you’re really on trial in the celestial realm and waiting for the start to get all the bonuses and all the rewards that Zeus can reward you with. As for the colors in which the game is depicted, it’s also top notch. The color palette is more in purple, which is very relaxing and doesn’t strain your vision. The addition of blue and gold gives an impressive look to the goalposts. The splash screen says right away that there’s nothing but victory waiting for you. Gems and other treasures are sure to catch your eye – try to collect as many as you can. Players will have to go a long way and prove to the gods that he is worthy of all the rewards. Perseverance and interest are sure to bring success.

I would like to emphasize the musical accompaniment of the slot. Here, everything is also excellent. Sound amphorae, bells and more different nice sounds of beautiful and melodic instruments. Everything is nuanced and very pleasant to listen to. This tune plunges players into an atmosphere of myths, magic and wealth.

So what does the slot machine itself look like? How do you handle it?

Gates of Olympus is a slot with six reels and five rows. Wins are credited for a roll of a certain number of characters anywhere on the reels and here the player is waiting for a bonus, a nice bonus. Payouts increase on a roll of more pictures. Thus, each symbol is important, no matter when or where it falls. Let’s call this feature cascading. That is, the cascade occurs after each spin, when the combinations are paid after winning. Then they disappear, whatever is left on the screen falls to the bottom, and then new symbols fall on the formed empty cells. There can be quite a few such cascades.

The symbols are different, they are present on all the reels. Each time the player gets a symbol, he gets a bonus – a random multiplier ranging from two to five hundred. When the cascading sequence is completed all multiplier icons are added together and the total gain of the entire sequence chain is multiplied by the final value at the end of the spin. Enjoyable and most importantly frequent bonuses in the game, bring great dividends.

Another nice thing about the slot, is the bonus, which is a free spin. Four or more symbols fall anywhere. The round starts with fifteen free spins. If the multiplier symbols begin to appear during them, the value of the multiplier will be added to the total multiplier that the player already has. And when it turns out that three or more important icons appear, players again win free spins. Thus, the slot fully justifies itself when it was said that there are so many bonuses here that one wants to play more and more.

So what kind of bets should and can be made in Gates of Olympus?

To start with, the return on this game is a very respectable percentage, almost a hundred. This is above average, a great virtue for gambling. The amount of bets ranges from twenty cents to a hundred dollars. Very nice range. There is where to break up with small portions, or take a big risk. The payoff of the game is very high, which makes it attractive to players who develop different strategies to win. These strategies are aimed at maximizing profits. And they do work.

All ko at least once visited this Greek slot recommend it, because all in the description of the game is absolutely true. Thanks to excellent strategies and exciting themes, the game will suit both skilled players and very newcomers. The system of accrual of winnings and a variety of bonuses give the game an advantage over all other games of chance. Players will be one hundred percent enthusiastic about the gameplay.

Match symbols, trigger bonuses, spin the reels for free!!! Get great winnings! Share the Gates of Olympus link with your friends, conquer the ancient gods.

Gates of Olympus free game.

The developers offer a great free game option. What does it mean?
Every player, before starting to play for real money, can go to the slot machine without registration. And start a regular game. This will help to understand the essence of the slot, to understand all the symbols. Remember which bonus what brings. What a chain of coincidence of icons provide more profit. The player learns the game from the inside. In this case, you can already at this stage to develop their winning strategies and try them. But you have to remember. When you get to win a big reward, it will not be possible to withdraw and cash it out. You should understand that the free game and this is what distinguishes him from the usual. There is no need to register, no need to leave their details, no need to open an account. And winnings accordingly only virtual.

This is a great way to get to know the slot thoroughly. Start playing Gates of Olympus with confidence!

Gates of Olympus

Very simple process. Takes almost no time at all. Go into the game. Find the register button and that’s it, almost everything. Be sure to include the correct data about yourself. Create a mini-office and put money in your checking account. This is a very important point. Without money in the checking account the game will not start. Simple steps. Once they are completed, a world of opportunities will open up in front of you. Play and win in a world full of riches.

I would like to note that you can pay by all convenient and available methods. The whole procedure is quick, the game gives a lot of options on this part including: visa, mastercart, apple, cryptocurrency, etc.

Developers have tried very hard to create the game. Taken into account many points that are depressing in other gaming devices. Undoubtedly, the player will understand it at once during the first rotation. All that will rotate around him, absolutely everything will bring income and profit. This can not leave anyone indifferent. From the very beginning, the game entices and beckons you to go through it. Nice music relaxes you and removes any possible anxiety. And the appearance of pleasant bonuses in huge numbers, only pleases.